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Simple Organics is a wellness retail store located in downtown Oxford, Michigan. We carry a variety of supplements, essential oils, teas/coffees, and body care products. But unlike big-box stores we don’t just stock whatever the latest “miracle” talk-show product happens to be. We take great care in choosing the highest quality products for our shelves. And we’ll actually talk to you to help you find the right product. All of our products are handpicked by our trained staff and Doctor of Natural Medicine with over 20 years of experience. Nothing is in our store that we haven’t extensively researched and tested ourselves.

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Breutanicals Gift Set Moon Phase Duo

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Enhance your Moon Rituals

Contains one single use bath tea of each New Moon & Full Moon.


New Moon Bath Tea

This bath tea is a blend of herbs and flowers to promote renewal, intention, protection, empowerment, and grounding during the New Moon.

Gently unknot string at opening of bag,
remove bay leaf and write intention on leaf.**
Place back into bag.
(**only single bath tea contains a bay leaf)

While drawing a bath place bag into bath
or hang by thread under running spout.
Meditate on intentions for the new moon cycle.

peppermint leaves*, rosemary leaves*, sage leaves-, jasmine buds*.*organic -homegrown
Full Moon Bath Tea
This bath tea is a blend of herbs and flowers to promote intention, manifestation, cleansing, and growth during the Full Moon.

While drawing a bath place bag into bath
or hang by thread under running spout.
Meditate on manifesting intentions set during the new moon.

lemon balm leaves*, rose buds and petals*, calendula flowers*, marshmallow root*.


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Simple Organics is a health and wellness boutique located in Oxford, Michigan that provides the highest quality supplements, body care, and other health and wellness products. We are locally owned and operated which means that we have complete control over what goes on our shelves. Unlike big-box, chain stores we don’t just push whatever product happened to be on yesterday’s daytime talk show. We hand pick and test everything. At Simple Organics we choose our products based on efficacy and quality – NOT price margins, popularity or trends. Nothing gets on our shelves without meeting our strict criteria. We offer only organic, full spectrum, fair-traded, nature based products that work!

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Simple Organics is the first Michigan company to go completely NON-GMO