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Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas – Herbal Iron Formula 450 mg. – 100

Vegetarian Capsules Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas Herbal Iron Formula
450 mg. is a synergistic blend of herbs in plant based iron. Your body uses
iron to create the protein center of red blood cells. This iron-rich protein
center binds oxygen and delivers it to your tissues. If your body lacks iron,
you cannot create enough healthy red blood cells to properly deliver oxygen to
tissues. It has long been known that many herbs and plants are very beneficial
for health. These unique gifts of nature contain a well-balanced set of
microelements and vitamins, which is why Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Iron Formula
is popular as a source of herbal iron, vitamins and minerals producing a
beneficial effect on the immune system, gastrointestinal tract, blood
circulation and overall well-being. Herbal Iron Formula 450 mg. Features:
Synergistic blend of herbs in plant based iron Immune system support Supports
gastrointestinal tract Promotes blood circulation and overall well-being 450
mg. in each capsule Vegetarian About Dr. Christopher Since the passing of Dr.
John R. Christopher, his family has always been concerned with the
manufacturing of his time tested formulas. Wholistic Botanicals L.L.C. has
been chosen as the company because of its commitment to the Christopher
philosophy in manufacturing and marketing of Dr. Christopher’s formulas. The
advisory board consists of Dr. Christopher’s family. Dr. Christopher’s
Philosphy Cleanse, Nourish, Heal. Dr. Christopher’s common sense approach to
natural health is based on three vital processes. Dr. Christopher taught his
students that Cleansing is the first and most important stage of restoring a
healthy body. The ultimate purpose of cleansing is to prepare the body for
natural healing through purification of all the body’s organs down to the
cellular level. This protocol is designed to naturally bring the


  • Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas – Herbal Iron Formula 450 mg. – 100 Vegetarian Capsules
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