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Reishi (ganoderum lucidum) is often called the “King of Mushrooms.” It is considered an adaptogen, meaning that it helps the body cope with stress, tension and fatigue, and to promote natural body balance. Its main immune enhancing compounds are Beta-D-glucans and ganoderic acids. These acids may help inhibit the release of histamine and support liver function and serve as antioxidants.

Reishi has been long been used to help calm the mind, ease tension, sharpen concentration and focus, build willpower, etc. Traditional Chinese Medicine sees it as one of the few foods/herbs that impart wisdom, and many people report that it promotes a sense of peaceful well-being. Royal Red Reishi and Purple Reishi are considered top of the line.

Each capsule of MyPure Reishi provides 500 mg of our 1:1, 100% NonGMO, Certified Organic Royal Red Reishi Mushrooms. The mushrooms are hot water extracted to break down the cell walls, thus maximizing nutrient bioavailability. You simply can’t find a better Reishi product.

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