Simple Organics Adren-aid 1oz

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Adren-aid - 1oz Liquid


Fatigue, blood sugar swings (hyper and hypoglycemia), adrenal fatigue, adult onset insulin resistant diabetes.

Adren-aid is a specific formula for those who are doing too much or might be a little or very fatigued. It is also for those who are afraid of burn out or are possibly depressed and are living the Type-A fast paced life style.

Adren-Aid helps the adrenals to function optimally even under stress. This formula also helps the body regulate blood sugar. It does this by regulating how the liver stores sugar as glycogen.

Adren-Aid is a tonic for the modern world of fast paces, fast computers, and thinking too much. It is helpful to those who wind up and forget to unwind and catch up with one's self. It helps the body to adapt to these stresses long before one breaks down.

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