Simple Organics Womens Energy Balance 1oz

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Women's Energy Balance - 1oz Liquid


Female Tonic, Engergy & Vitality, Low Libido, Menstrual Disorders, Stress, Mood Swings, Irritability, Depression

Women's Energy Balance is a general female tonic that helps balance the hormones and increase energy and vitality. It protects the body against the negative impacts of stress and can assist women with mood swings, irritability, fatigue, PMS, stress, low libido and depression.

Dong Quai and Chaste Tree Berry are popular herbs used for many menstrual irregularities. Dong Quai sensitizes the binding or absorption sites where estrogen is absorbed into the body and will increase levels of estrogen. Chaste Tree Berry helps the corpus luteum to fully mature and increase its' production of progesterone.

This blend also includes adaptogenic herbs that increase vigor and energy and resistance to illness and environmental stresses.

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